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A Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures Blog Crew
Last updated: July 13, 2009

To make LJ friends through Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures. If you're interested in joining, please read on.

01) You must be a fan of at least one of these shows.

02) You must have a personal LJ that you update semi-regularly. No fandom/graphics/rping journals allowed.

03) The key to keeping a crew active is to get to be willing to get to know others and interact with them. After all, that's the whole point of having a crew.

04) Check the taken characters to make sure the one you want is open. [open status = character up for grabs]. If you want a comprehensive list of the Doctor's companions, please see here. If you'd like to pick up a character that is not listed, feel free to ask for it.

05) Once you're been accepted into Club TARDIS, please add every member of the crew, and fill out the member survey, posting it into the community.

Astrid Peth - [open]
Captain Jack Harkness - Stephy @ adistantshadow
Dalek Caan - [open]
Dalek Emperor - [open]
Donna Noble - [open]
Eighth Doctor - [open]
Fifth Doctor - [open]
First Doctor - [open]
Fourth Doctor - [open]
Gray Harkness - [open]
Gwen Cooper - Gabby @ nowcarpediem
Ianto Jones - Stacey @ blinding_echos
Jenny - [open]
John Hart - [open]
K-9 - [open]
Luke - [open]
Martha Jones - [open]
Mickey Smith - [open]
Mr. Smith - [open]
Myfawny - [open]
Ninth Doctor - [open]
Owen Harper - [open]
River Song - [open]
Romana I - [open]
Romana II - [open]
Rose Tyler - Chrissy @ justanerdyangel
Sarah Jane Smith - [open]
Second Doctor - [open]
Seventh Doctor - [open]
Sixth Doctor - [open]
Supreme Dalek - [open]
Susan Foreman - [open]
Suzie Costello - [open]
Ten II - [open]
Tenth Doctor - Elizabeth @ onehoureternity
The Master - [open]
The TARDIS - -[open]
Third Doctor - [open]
Toshiko Sato - [open]

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